Holiday Gift Guide

Well friends we have 3 weekends left until Christmas! Are you ready? Still shopping? Or haven’t even started? I am a little in between, the kids are done but I haven’t bought for anyone else yet!

I threw together a little gift guide today to help spark some inspiration for myself and hopefully for you as well. And the best part is, it’s all on Amazon. Prime two day shipping for the win! 

For Her

I am a sucker for all things cozy & festive! If it is soft or gives me a reason to stay home on a Saturday I am all for it. So I rounded up some of my favorite cozy & homey products for you. I am especially loving that cute leather desk mat (#9) & matching confetti knit set (#6 & 7)! 

For Him

For the men in your life, I pulled together some tried and true goods that I hope will help in your search! Justin is a big outdoor guy, he loves a cold beer, and anything involving smoking or grilling, so it is safe to say I have a few of these items on my list for him as well. Hopefully he doesn’t read this 😉 

Holiday Entertaining
1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12 |13 

Entertaining guests is something that comes with the Holidays and there is something to be said for a party with a good bar selection. Whether that be a liquor bar, a coffee bar, or a good old cocoa bar; It’s just a fun festive way to add a little something new to your holiday parties this year! This bar cart (#8) decked out with your festive liquors, glasses, & greenery would be an instant focal point in any room! I have been eyeing that leather chair (#9) for quite some time now too! The combination of the leather and those modern brass legs is too good. 

I hope these help inspire some gift ideas for those on your list! Even if you are a last minute shopped, these are almost all 2-day shipping through Amazon Prime! So pin this to your Pinterest so you can come back to it later!

The links above are affiliate links and we appreciate any purchases made directly from them. It helps balance out the time we spend putting these posts together for you! All brands, products, and opinions are our own.  

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