Our Flooring Choice

We, well let’s be real here, I have been on the hunt for the perfect flooring for about 2 months now. Justin probably would have been fine with the first  sample we ordered 😉 The amount of samples I have collected is probably a bit excessive, but I was waiting for one to arrive and the “aha moment” to follow. There were many that I liked, but I wanted to love our flooring because it is quite an investment. 

I’ve had this photo from House of Jade Interiors saved for so long. It is one of the main photos I have been pulling inspiration from for our house. I have been searching for an engineered White European Oak hardwood that has bold knots throughout and gives off almost a Lake house vibe to it, finished with a matte look. Not specific at all, right?!

The white oak is pretty trendy right now, and I did have to really ask myself if I loved the flooring color because it is “in” right now or if I truly love the light oak finish itself. Light flooring has always been a popular choice for Scandinavian homes and that is a look I have also loved for a long time. To be sure, I grabbed some classic wood flooring in a medium tone. 

And I do love it! The flooring samples on the far left are gorgeous. It is Rustic Nature from Build Direct’s Baltic Oak Collection and it’s only $4.09 a square foot. It’s a beautiful classic flooring that you really can’t go wrong with. The more I looked through photos on my inspiration board, I knew I wanted the white oak. Now, the problem with wanting White Oak flooring while it is trendy, is that the prices definitely reflect that and several options were simply just too much money. I did find some great choices through Hallmark Floors, but we didn’t have a dealer nearby to order samples through. So the search continued! 

Photo from Studio McGee. Flooring pictured is Alta Vista Laguna by Hallmark. 

My friend Brooke from Plank and Pillow  (who has the most amazing home!) has beautiful floors too! She has Padua by ADM Flooring Design and they are stunning. I called them up and ordered three samples in Padua, Picano, & Vicenza. They were at my doorstep in 3 days which was incredibly fast. 

Photo by Plank and Pillow

My heart skipped a beat and the ‘aha moment’ happened as I pulled out the last sample because it was perfect! It’s gorgeous and everything I have been looking for! So we ended up selecting the Vicenza from ADM. The online photo of it is quite a bit lighter than it is in person, which always seemed to be my problem. There were so many samples I had ordered based off the photo online and they came in completely different. Thankfully this time it was for the better!

The knots are dark and still subtle throughout. They are matte with a slight wire brush texture to them and they are finished with a UV Lacquer. They were also within budget at $4.49 a square foot at even included free shipping. They will be here next week and I cannot wait to start laying them down!

If you want more behind the scenes on the flooring and our projects on the house, you can follow along over on Instagram @havencomforts! This post is not sponsored and these are just personal opinions from a long two months of searching for the perfect flooring! 

2 thoughts on “Our Flooring Choice”

  1. Hey the Rae Anne!! I’m glad I could help you make your flooring decision. Now, here I am trying to choose floors. It’s such a hard choice. We ordered some samples, but not Vicenza. I’m kinda thinking now we need to go lighter. So I’ve been checking our your blog and IG. It looks great in your photos!

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    1. Hey lady!! Thank you! It’s definitely a lighter blonde wood but it’s very warm! We ran into a few planks where we didn’t love the wood grain so we tossed them aside but we love the dark filled knots and warm blonde coloring!


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