Regardless of a budget, location, or any other variable, a prospective buyer is always looking for the same thing – that little something extra. They are looking for a home that gives them the opportunity to live their ideal lifestyle – an emotional element that grabs them & pulls them in, so that they can’t imagine calling any other place “home”. Once you bring a buyer home, the rest is easy. Your property will sell itself.

Haven Comforts has spent many years learning how to style a space so that it makes you feel something. We have collected inventory that is cozy, refined, modern, and has a mix of vintage appeal. We are big believers that mixing old in with the new is what gives a house the “home-y” feeling we are all in search of. We incorporate this into all of our designs through thoughtful accent pieces, textured furnishings, and found decor. Let Haven Comforts transform your space into an emotional experience that captures the essence of home.

What services are offered?

We come in, evaluate your space, ask questions, take measurements, make notes, and define how we are going to transform your space.

Vacant Stage
Professional home staging for Real Estate Agents, Developers & Homeowners to showcase the homes features, helping homes sell quicker & maximizing profits.

Occupied Stage
Taking the stress out of what needs to be done to prep your home to hit the market. We work with your budget and can bring in accent furnishings & decorations as needed.

We offer local styling & design services for location settings such as offices, brick and motor stores, and vacation rentals looking to elevate their guests experiences. We offer as little as a one room re-design to full design on homes and new builds.

Holiday Decorating & Event Styling

Holidays and events are one of our favorites to style. If you are looking for some help decorating your home for the holidays, decorating your front porch, business, or hosting an event that needs decor, we are here to help. Let us take the pressure off so you can spend more time enjoying the holidays and your family.

Love the home furnishings or accessories we use in our designs? Head over to our shop to find our hand curated home goods.

What is Staging?

Staging is the process of transforming a vacant or occupied home into a ready to sell product. Our focus is to create an inviting lifestyle that speaks to the buyers in your targeted market and shows off the full potential of your home. We work primarily out of the Port Angeles & Sequim area creating a design that has an inviting & modern appeal to it. We work with Home Owners, Real Estate Professionals, Building Developers, and Investors. Whether you are selling a home in the $150,000 price range or up over $600,000 range – We offer a variety of options to suit your needs.

Why use a staging service?

Did you know only 10% of buyers are able to picture themselves living in a new home? Statistically 95% of Real Estate Agents believe in staging and yet only around 20% actually offer this type of service to their clients. We would like to change that! According to the National Association of Realtors ( NARS) 77% of buyers agents said staging a home made it easier for their buyers to visualize the property as their future home. In 2018, 68% of the staged homes sold for at least 8% more than un-staged homes in the same neighborhood.

Staging a home is a vital part of selling. Instead of just selling a house, we create a lifestyle catered to your demographic. Most buyers decide whether they are interested in looking at a home after the first 30 seconds of viewing it. In a technology based world it is imperative that your home is at it’s very best to appeal to a large audience. You only get one shot for a first impression, why leave that up to chance?

Staging your home helps show off your homes best features so that it sells faster and maximizes your profit.

Staging your home will always cost less than your first price drop!

How does it work?

Occupied and Vacant homes need to be seen through a critical eye, just like a buyer will view your home. We begin with an on site consultation. You don’t have to do any prep on your home for this. During the consultation we will discuss your sale goals, timelines, and the budget you are willing to use to prepare your house to hit the market. We will walk through the house with you taking notes, asking questions, taking pictures, and measurements. We will be sure to discuss if there are any areas you don’t want us entering, animals in the home, or furniture pieces that need a special approach for moving/etc.

Both Exterior and Interiors will be looked at to help evaluate any potential repairs that may be needed before listing. We will thoroughly asses your home to generate a staging proposal for you. We strongly advise a deep cleaning of homes (both occupied and vacant) that will be listed for sale. We also recommend decluttering your home. Your potential buyers need to be able to visualize their belongings in your home. In order for buyers to see the space and potential of your home you will need to remove personal belongings. For most buyers, it is nearly impossible them to feel at home when they feel like they are stepping into someone else’s personal home.

After de-clutting, de-personalizing, cleaning, and any repairs that may need to be completed, we will begin the staging process. We will bring in furniture, accessories, and decorations. Every home is different and will need different items. We will need 1-2 days to stage your home (dependent on size and number of rooms being staged).

It is important to us that we are creating a lifestyle for your buyers. A home that is clean, inviting, and comfortable. We highlight your homes strengths and help make the needs a little less “visible”.

Ready to get started?! Contact us below to get started on your Stage, Design or Styling.