Reno Update Part 1

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you probably know that we just spent this last weekend moving into the house! While we are no where near finished, we did finish up the must haves to be live-able again. I am including a full list of our projects and how we split them up at the end!

Last time we left off with tile and concrete board tile. Once we got that removed and the beams in the atrium down, things started to move pretty quickly!

To save money in the budget we decided to keep most of our existing cabinets and just get new doors made for them. We got pretty lucky with these cabinet bases being in great shape. The doors just were dated and I wanted a shaker style cabinet. We decided to save money and also keep the drawer fronts the same. Down the road if we want to change them out it will be a pretty easy fix.

Our appliances were due to arrive on the 29th of December, but they ended up pushing that back until the 19th of January because of a backorder. Unfortunately that wasn’t going to work because our countertop measurement was scheduled for January 3rd. Thankfully, Home Depot was kind enough to send over their floor model so we could get the island put together and ready for the countertop to be measured. The countertops are being installed tomorrow and I cannot wait to see this all come together! We are going to put board and batten around the island to add some character to it!

This is standing at the door of the Laundry/Mudroom. We had just taken out the first beam out and the room looked even more open, which I didn’t think was possible. Those high ceilings are everything!

January 6th we started flooring! It was the BEST day. Walking through this house for the very first time I imagined how amazing this house could look with hardwood flooring throughout. And it did not disappoint!  We chose Vicenza Oak Floors from ADM Flooring and love them!

Standing in the dining area looking towards the family & living room. 

If you don’t look closely, it almost looks like a finished house 😉 The appliances were delivered Saturday and we wasted no time beginning to move in!

When we looked at the house we made a full list of all the projects we wanted to do. Big and small. We decided to break them up into categories based off what needed to be done before it was live-able, what could be finished after being moved in, and what we would do over time as our budget allows.

So here is a list of the things we wanted to have done before we moved in and the dates they were done/started: 

  • Take out the glass & sliders on the Atrium (family room) – Dec 8th
  • Pour a concrete slab in the atrium – Dec 14th
  • Tile for the wood stove – Jan 8th
  • Wood stove moved to new location & Roof/ceiling patched – Jan 8th
  • Carpet in the kids bedrooms – Jan 4th
  • Hardwood throughout the main & master – Jan 6th
  • Kitchen Cabinets painted (still missing the cabinet doors but we kept the drawer fronts since there were in such good shape) – Jan 1st
  • Appliances Delivered Jan 19th
  • Countertops Jan 23rd
  • Majority of the paint done – Still in progress lol

And a list of what we will be finishing after we move in 

  • Baseboards & Door Trim
  • Frame in the wall & build the fireplace box & built in benches for storing wood
  • Decide on flooring & overall usage of the mudroom (Some things I just needed more time to decide on and this room is one of them so we opted to finish it after we live in the house a bit so we have a better feel of how we will use the space.)
  • The main bath (We have two working toilets besides this bathroom and we have to move plumbing around which is time consuming so we opted to leave this for after we moved in as well.)
  • Kitchen tile backsplash 
  • Kitchen open shelves 
  • Office nook makeover in the closet outside the master
  • Drywall patching – there is so much patching to do throughout the house!

Over time list:

  • Replacing the front door & covering the front porch
  • Extending the front porch to wrap around the side of house (it will be outside the dining room up to the door off of the family room.)
  • Master Bath & Closet (bathrooms are expensive so we are putting this off for awhile so we can save for it. Everything is functional, just dated and that is fine to wait until we have the funds for a full remodel in there!)
  • Replace master French doors & build a deck
  • So. Much. Landscaping. Work. ( this will be several years before we get it to where we want it, but it will be worth it once its done) 
  • Chicken Coop, because I miss my babies 
  • Exterior Paint – I’d love to get to this by Fall, but I am not sure the exterior will be ready for it. Sooo I’m going to have to be patient on that. We had an exterior inspo post a few weeks back with the debate of going light vs dark on the exterior & I am so happy to say that we decided to go light with dark trim. We are saving the dark exterior for our little cabin in the woods (we have this place on our property just begging for a cabin, so its a project we would love to do eventually!)
via @workshopapd
via @pinterst

I want to go slightly darker than white, almost like a linen with darker window trim and lots of greenery. And eventually, we will add touches of stone & brass accents to warm it up a bit. A little Modern European vibe 😉

I hope this was helpful and inspiring for any of you looking to take on a project in your house! It’s hard to go through a renovation, but the after is so rewarding! I would love to hear what projects you have planned for this year!