Interior Tour

As promised here is a tour of the interior on our new fixer! I posted a video tour in our stories over on Instagram so you can see it in a walk through setting as well. It is saved under the highlights so you can come back to it whenever! The house was an estate and had a ton of stuff left when we got the keys. We have been working on clearing everything out and this weekend we are finally getting to some more demo, starting with the atrium below!

The exterior door you see here will be the main entry to the house. This view is from the atrium looking towards to the dining and kitchen area. These sliders & the majority of the wall will be removed. The dining area is huge! My heart is so happy thinking about all of the parties & holidays we will be able to host here! 
Dining area + endless flooring samples 
Here is the kitchen! It is a funky shape and definitely the hardest spot in this house to design, between the angled ceiling and load bearing beams we are going to do our best to work with the current foot print. The island will be squared off and the side cabinet here will look a little different. We are keeping most of the cabinet bases & purchasing new doors. We will be painting them white & the island will be a wood tone. 
Inside the Atrium. This will be extended living space to the current space on the right. The windows are coming out this weekend, I think! And then we will be putting up a wall in here. The wood stove will be enclosed and centered against that back beam with benches on either side for wood storage and extra seating. 
Looking down the hall from the kitchen. The kids rooms & the main bath are to the left. I started pulling the trim off (hence the trim still at the top of the doors) & found some black mold so we will have to replace some of the drywall between Hadley’s Room & the bathroom. 
Outside the entry to the master on the opposite side of the hall. To the right is huge doors with a covered porch that will eventually turn into an extra bedroom for Lo. To the left is the main living area. 
The current Living area. The wall between this & the atrium will be coming down to make it one open area. 
Standing in the master looking out. The closet here will be turned into an office nook. 
Master Bedroom. Simple fixes in here. Flooring, paint, new trim, & replacing those french doors.  
Master walk in closet & Vanity
Shower & tub in the master. 

The things we are fixing in the house are mostly cosmetic. It has really good bones and more than enough space for our family of five. The outdoor space and privacy that comes with the house is a huge plus. Every time we are here, I am still beside myself that this is ours. And thanking God for bringing us this home for our family. We have worked really hard to get to this place and it feels so good to finally be able to work on the home our kids will grow up in, make memories, & spend holidays in. 

Below are some inspiration photos for the new house!

I hope you are enjoying everything so far! If you have questions or want to know something specific, leave a comment here or over on instagram! You can follow us here so you don’t miss a post by clicking the follow button to the right of your screen. We are on Instagram (@havencomforts) with more behind the scenes saved to our highlight if you want to tune in over there too! 

We bought a fixer, again!

I still can’t believe I am typing this out, but we bought ourselves yet another fixer upper!! We had every intention of building our next home; In fact we’ve been working towards that goal for the last 5 years. When we purchased our last home, we knew it was a temporary place from the beginning. Then we got surprised with our little Lo and the house simply just wasn’t going to work for our family of 5. So we listed it with the intention to build!

We had property picked out next to my in-laws and took an announcement photo with the kids. We had even met with and picked our builder, who we absolutely loved! But, it seems God had other plans for us. 

Isn’t it amazing how you can spend 5 years planning something only to have those plans change in a moments notice?! The night we got an offer on our house my husband took the back way home from work, which he rarely does because it’s a longer drive. He noticed a new for sale sign on that road. While we were waiting for the offer to come in that night he mentioned the house for sale down the road and showed it to me. As soon as I saw the huge windows & open floor plan I knew I loved it. This place has sooo much potential.

The next morning our agent took us out there to look at it. I remember looking at Justin and saying “less than 24 hours ago we were dead set on building, and now we are walking around a huge fixer upper. We’ve spent the last 5 years working towards building and now that we are actually in a place where we can, here we are looking at the biggest fixer we’ve taken on. What is wrong with us?!” He just looked at me and laughed. I think deep down, we both were a tad worried that we would get bored with a brand new house that was completely finished. There is just something so rewarding about bringing a house back to life!

This will end up being the main entrance to the house. To your left is the garage, the window behind the maple tree is the kitchen & the door opens up into the dining. The plan is to build out a covered porch that wraps around to the front in the photo below. 
Side view looking at the front elevation. The windows to the left are the dinning area. The door you see here walks into the atrium (future living room).
This is about halfway down the front of the house, the tall windows on the left are the atrium/future living room. And the back section is the master bedroom. 
This is the side view outside the master bedroom. The left of the photo is the front of the house. There is a soaker tub under that large window that I cannot wait to use! We plan to add a deck or a covered patio off of here for morning coffee & possibly a hot tub. We’ll see how crazy we get with it 😉

The house is on just over 6 acres. The first 3/4’s of the property is all trees and then the south facing windows overlook a pond and what will eventually be the front yard. There are birch, maple trees, and even a eucalyptus tree!  But the very best part is the view. Once we clean up all of the overgrown trees & brush we will have a 180 view of the Olympic Mountains and even a good view of the winery where we took our wedding photos 7 years ago. 

It is in rough shape since it has been neglected for several years, but the bones are solid and the features are beautiful. The exterior needs some details & finishing touches to add visual interest, but once that is done, it’s going to be so pretty!

Below is an inspiration board we are using to decide on the overall look and style of this new home. We are leaning towards a Modern Farmhouse with a touch of European accents like the stone and light wood tones. It’s a toss up on the exterior color though! Light vs Dark – Can you really go wrong with either?! Which is your favorite?

We will be back with the interior tour soon! You can hit the follow button to the right of your screen and it will alert you when we add a new post! As always, thank you for following along in our new adventure! We are excited to bring share it with you.