St. Nick’s Arrival

I love nothing more than jump starting a Holiday with a basket full of festive goodies. On the Eve of St. Nicholas Day we put our boots by the front door in hopes St. Nick will swing by! We used to do a basket of goodies the eve of Christmas, but I always felt like it didn’t leave enough time to enjoy the festive gifts! When I came across the celebration of  St. Nick that happens on the 5th of December, we switched it up & added this to our traditions! Usually, we stuff the boots with some festive Jammies, a book or a holiday movie, some hot cocoa fixings, & a new ornament for each of the kids. We do this every year so that when they grow up and move out on their own, they will get a box full of ornaments to take with them as they start their next chapter. So bittersweet to think about that, but its something my mom did for us and we will continue to carry down through generations!

I put together a quick round up of goodies that St Nick will likely be bringing by our house this year (wink). If you celebrate, I would love to know what your boot stuffings are! And if this is new to you, I hope you feel inspired to add it to your Holiday Traditions! 

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The Night Before Christmas
The Nutcracker
The Reindeer Express
Pick a Pine Tree
Pink Hunter Boots
Green Hunter Boots
Pink Jammies
Green Jammies
Bunny Peppermint Ornament
Nutcracker Ornament
Marshmallow + Cocoa

“Just before bedtime on St. Nicholas Eve, 
we leave our boots on the floor &
spin around not once, but twice, and again once more.
We shout “Welcome St. Nick” and sprinkle magical dust,
hoping the stars will guide him to the door that is ours.
Then we snuggle in real tight and await the good morning light.”


Halloween + Last day at Home

This halloween was the very last holiday & the last day we spent in our house. We closed Escrow the first of November! Three years were spent fixing it up into the little farmhouse it is today. We brought home two babies, enjoyed a lot of holidays, and made some of the best memories here. I do have to say that packing up the house during a holiday season was quite hard for me. I said many times while packing that the holiday decor would be the very last thing to get packed away and it truly was. A few paper bats, some orange pumpkins, and a few random pieces here and there were all that was left.  

We took photos of the kids in their Incredible Costumes just before locking ups for the last time. Getting three kids to all look at the camera is near impossible, so this was as good as it got this year. And I’m not complaining one bit, because you can see each of their little personalities shining! It never stops amazing me how different and yet how similar they are to one another.

Hadley, always talking. Brody, the cuddle bug. And Lo, just going with the flow. 

Walking through the house for the last time was quite a surreal experience, mostly because it was so empty and clean! I don’t think I will miss the house so much as I will miss the memories we made there. But we are so incredibly excited for our next chapter! I’ll be sharing more on it very soon! For now, here is a little peak!